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CL-5000 asphalt mixing plant (400t/h)
Main Features:

■ Proprietary intellectual property rights, the main body design awarded with national patent, world class machine type, module design, compact conformation. Hot elevator and filler elevator integrated into the main tower, convenient to assemble/disassemble, can save half of the installation time.
■ Vacuum working of the whole equipment, and so there is no dust dispel outside. Environmental protection index meet the EU environmental protection standard.
■ Compact structure and reasonable layout, convenient for operation and maintenance. The smallest occupied area among all machine types available now. Downside hot mix storage silo, energy conservation,?save electricity costs RMB1.2-1.5/batch
■ World class control system, electronic components, PLC and industrial computer from world famous suppliers. Cement stabilized soil mixing plant performance, convenient and reliable operation.

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