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Mobile Compulsory Asphalt mixing Plant

Main Features:
—Integrated design with optimized structure
—Convenient for transport
—Easy installation
—Free selection and combination
—No need foundation
—Design meets European norms, such as EN536, EN 60204, EN ISO 12100.
(It is applicable to small and medium type of Asphalt mixing plant, such as 160t/h, 120t/h, 80t/h, 60t/h)

Full Container-type Asphalt Mixing Plant
Main Features:

—Full container-type Asphalt Plant, jointly developed by our company and ChangAn University, a unique solution to the bottleneck problem of high shipping cost due to big capacity plants' huge volume.
—With the C.S.C Approval Certificate by the China Classification Society, each deck is one 40 High Cube standard container that can be used in direct ocean transportation.
—Two capacities are available-240t/h and 320t/h.
—Clients could choose either standard components or customerized products as to their unique requirements. Options include SMA additives system, RAP, Hot RAP, double storage silo, 4-fuel main burner and so on.


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